Anonymous: Hi :) I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years but he's always been very controlling, he gets angry if I make arrangements to meet up with a friend, he makes me feel bad for wanting to go home when I stay at his house and if I do go home he will start an argument with me! I feel quite trapped sometimes, I'm scared to text a friend in front of him, I can't go on Instagram or Facebook otherwise he'll start an argument with me!! And he keeps telling me that if I leave him he'll kill himself! Help!

You should leave him babe, hes manipulating you into staying with him, if he is threatening to kill himself you need to talk to his parents and suggest that an inpatient programme is more suitable for him if he really cannot live without you, so he wont hurt himself. Its disgusting behaviour and i hate when people guilt trip other by saying they will harm themselves or something. Sometimes its best to walk away, delete their number, get their number blocked, block any way of them contacting you because you cant be happy with someone who is stopping you live your life and he needs to learn thats not an acceptable way of treating someone xx

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  4. tillinfinity said: Sometimes you’re in peoples lives for a reason… I really suggest letting him lean on you as a friend… But cut off the relationship
  5. iiloveyouu14 said: She needs to tell her parents and maybe even the police you never know what this people could do
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